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I am K-5 Technology Specialist - jonelleg on Skype. We are in the Eastern Time zone.
I am looking for other K-5 classes who want to enhance student communication skills and classroom curriculum via Skype. I have many projects through the year. Looking forward to connecting with more classrooms from our Elementary Tech Teachers Ning.

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Hi JoNelle!

I would love to organize some Skype sessiosn with you. I actually work at three different schools in my district, so I have many different teachers/classes that we could work with.

If you let me know what projects you have going on, I could see if there are some classes that we could work with!

Looking forward to skyping!
I am PS-8th grade technology specialist in the Central Time zone. Our entire school is studying various continents starting in April so I would love to Skype with schools on other continents.
I teach technology to grades 1-6. We love to Skype! I am saune1 on skype. (Central time...Minnesota)

Look forward to hearing from you!

I just got skype. I only have iton one computer in school but I can hook it up to my projector. What kinds of things can I do with this???
I saw this article about 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom. I didn't read through the whole list, but it seems to have links to ideas.
Thanks! I finally Skyped for the 1st time this week. Now, I'm hoping it's not blocked at school.
I also only have Skype on one computer. I teach grades K-6 and would love to see if we can Skype using some of the great ideas on here. My email is jbuffo@d141.lasall.k12.il.us and my skype name is buffo_83.
I have a 1st grade teacher's class looking for another 1st grade class to share what you know about holiday traditions. They will be learning about the upcoming holiday season in France (foods, songs, traditions, etc). They want to share their learning about France and learn about another country's holiday traditions too.

We are in Eastern Time in SC and want to Skype with another first grade class.


PS: Our other 1st grade classes are studying other countries if anyone else is interested. I just had a special request for sharing France.

Ann O.- Thank you for the link about 50 Awesome Ways...!
You're welcome. If you can't find anyone for your first grade class, ours could at least share our Catholic school tradition of lighting the advent wreath. I have two first grades. I'll send a feeler out to both of my first grade teachers this week and I'll get back to you.
This would work for the end of the year.....I will, just let me know what projects you have in mind
I have a sixth grade class here that may be interested in skyping. I also have a fifth grade class that might be willing. The sixth grade class is a literature class and the fifth grade class is a social studies class. Let me know what you would like to do. My email is kwilliams@fsd1.org. I would gladly put you in touch with them.
We have a third grade class in our school in North Dakota that would like to use Skype with another third grade class inside or outside of the US. The teacher has just started using Skype and would love to do some collaboration with a school from another state or country.




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