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I am in the process of creating some "rules" to put onto the iPad covers and carts to help teachers make sure they are used correctly. All I have come up with so far is to carry them with 2 hands and to sit down while using it. What else should I add (if anything)? 

This is in an elementary school, and right now the iPads are generally only used by grades 2, 3, and 4. I am the computer lab teacher and keeper of the iPads! :) 

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Hi Amy, I am in the same boat as you right now. We just purchased iPads and I just started introducing them to my first and second graders. I teach Grades 1-6. I have been going over all the rules, especially holding them "hug them like you love them"...I am concerned when the teachers start using them that they will not be put back in the cart correctly, etc. They definitely have to be told how to do that because the charge plugs do not go in correctly if they are placed in the cart wrong. I find the plugs keep coming out. My problem right now is that they only installed one app the kids can use, Educreations, which isn't the greatest. I have been having them go on PBSkids.org. What have you been doing with them?

This is what I put together. I would also add to your rules that they are subject to change. I told my students this because teaching with iPads are new to the school and we may decide that a rule doesn't need to be a rule any more.


For our carts, here are the rules we started with...I thought if I set the bar high, it woul be easier than changing the rules later.

1. Carry with two hands.

2. Only use the iPad at your desk.

3. Do not use your own Apple id to download apps.

4. Keep screens as they are - do not delete apps or create/move apps into folders.

5. I asked each teacher to send me a list of the numbered iPad each student will use. I told students this was so I could monitor the use of the iPad and if it was used appropriately. I will rarely check on them, but the students do not know that.

6. The teacher needs to return the cart as it was when they received it - with iPads plugged in.


Hope that helps! This is a new adventure for us, and it is going well so far.

This BGMS IPad blog has a list of iPad Rules - Check out this link - http://bgmsipad.blogspot.com/2011/01/3-hard-and-fast-rules.html




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