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Anyone out there have cute, clever ideas for bulletin boards? I'm all out of ideas and currently stuck. Thanks in advance!

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Have you checked out the pictures in this Ning?  I have posted on lot there and I have seen alot.  Click on my name to see my pictures.



Im my lab I do a Technology ABC's bulletin board with a picture and vocabulary word/concept for each letter of the alphabet. i.e. A- Analog, B- Browser, C- cursor etc. Hope this helps!

Sallie, can you post the bulletin board you use with the technology ABC's??  

I am really interested in doing this in my classroom and would love to see some examples.  Thank yoU!


I'll check out the pictures! Thanks.
ABC idea is great! Thanks.

Don't Get Caught in the Net -Bulletin board on Internet Safety

1. fish in fisherman's net with - kids write their Internet Safety ideas on fish (ie don't post full names, don't meet someone you don't know online)

Don't Get Caught in the Web - same idea, create a web with Spiderman figure on top.


We're all Connected - with octopus in the middle - you can have technology concepts dangling from each leg


Hope it helps. I know the feeling. I usually put up a cute sign and put kid's work all around.

Those are cute. I REALLY like the net idea. Thank you. My current one displays the work of students and on the top reads, "Cyber space...the final frontier." Not too clever, but the kids like it.



Click on "Regular Classroom Boards" on the right hand side.  There are a few ideas on this page. :-D

Mine is set up with movie references: "Starring Keyboard Shorcuts" "race up the red carpet" with wpm, "home of the stars" is the home row made with takeout containers
My favorite bulletin board is "Team Up With Technology" with a bunch of my favorite sports team logos (being from the Pittsburgh area ... Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, NASCAR, etc.)
Ohhhh, I like the Team Up with Technology idea!  I'm all for the Penguins!  :-)  Plus I'll add a mighty K-State Power Cat and perhaps a tennis star or two.  Thanks for the ideas!  Also LOVE the idea of the keyboarding movie references.  I'll do that as well.




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