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Moving from 2nd to Computer Lab...looking for decorating ideas

I've made the decision to move from 2nd grade to be the Technology Education Teacher for grades 2,3,4. After several hours of searching, there are not many "inspiring" computer lab decorations or examples. I was wondering if any of you had a computer lab that was engaging and thematic. Our lab was manned by an aide and she did a good job of making it look cute. I'm trying to make it look cute and be a functional lab (anchor charts, focus walls, etc...but not loose the cutesy theme decoration part.)  Before moving levels, I'd been contemplating the Hollywood Theme and am wondering about continuing it. any other ideas? (Most recently, I've done a Peace, Love, Bulldogs; ocean theme; western theme in the regular classroom...so I'd like to have something different.)

Between end of the year 2nd grade responsibilities and wanting to spend time working ahead, my brain is on overload. :) Thanks for your help!

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Hi jyhawkfan... I'm wondering if you teach somewhere around my area because there are not many of us computer lab teachers and we have a lot in common! I too decided to leave 2nd grade and become a computer lab teacher. I am also a Bulldog! :) Anyhow, I used a "Information Superhighway" theme, using cars for the theme. It also worked really well because I use a stoplight for behavior. There are some really cute car items from Carson Dellosa. Hope this is helpful. Best wishes!

Where are you from? I'm from Missouri. Cute idea with the Information Superhighway. I'll have to add that one to my list. After much exploring last night, I think I've decided on a Safari/Jungle theme. "Exploring the Jungle of Technology" type thing. I'd thought of a couple of "sayings" to go with that and some cute general jungle ideas to convert to computer lab on Pinterest.

How long have you been in the computer lab? Are you enjoying it?


I'm from Missouri too! What area are you in? I'm in the Northwest. Your jungle idea is cute! I'm thinking about doing a superstar theme next year. I need to jazz up the lab next year...

I have been teaching computers for 5 years. I absolutely love it! My favorite thing is seeing them grow over the years. Right now the kids that were Kindergarteners when I started are 4th graders. And I truly feel like you can tell those kids have had me for that long. They come in, I tell them what to do, and off they go. I feel like a proud mamma! :)

I did a safari theme last year.. Join us on a learning safari.... Jungle Jargon word wall etc/

Be sure to click on the Photos tab here on the ning. There will be some ideas there. Also, put theme into the search box and you'll come up with lots of different links. Here's an old thread but it might give you some ideas. http://elementarytechteachers.ning.com/forum/topics/2067663:Topic:4... Have fun!

I just moved this month from my 3rd grade class to the Computer Lab for grades K-4.  Since the lab is for the whole school, I decided to go with our school mascot as the theme.

Great idea Karen! Love that you were able to paint your lab! It looks great!



Thanks, Dana!

I've used "Wild About Technology" with different jungle animals and trees, as well as "Step Into Technology" with footprints everywhere.

I made a Wordle wall with computer terms.  Very easy to do and I don't have to change it every quarter.

very cute....good idea

What an excellent idea!!  Can you tell me how you did this?  I have a huge empty wall that would look awesome with a Wordle Wall.  Thanks for your input.




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