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Does anyone have any projects or activities that I can use with my third graders to help introduce Microsoft Word and it's functions? Any help would be great. Thanks!

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Ann Oro has some lesson plans on her sms teacher wiki.
thanks for the great ideas!
A great lesson I do with my 3rd graders at the beginning of the year is a list of favorites.

First the type in their first and last name.

Skip two lines. I show them that pressing enter goes to the next line, so to skip a line they have to press it twice. This concept, though seemingly easy, seems to take them a while to understand.

Then I have, on the board, a bunch of sentence starters. Examples are.
"My favorite season is..."
"My favorite color is..."
"My favorite animal is..."

I remind them how to delete the ... and replace it with their answer. Some of them may even be quick enough to realize they need to change something in the starter to make it "make sense". (If the starter is "My favorite game is..." and they decide they want to put soccer and football, they notice that "is" needs to be changed to are and an then need to add an s to game.) They should be skipping a line between each sentence.

After that, they go back and add a clip art to the end of each sentence. I review with them how to locate the clip art and resize it (they have done this since 1st grade). For the sentence that has their favorite color, I have them change the color of color word.

Finally, I have them select then entire document and change the font size to 14 or 16 pt, depending on how much room is left on the paper. Sometimes I will purposely make it to large to demonstrate the Undo command.

This all takes about 2-3 class periods, depending how many sentence starters you have and how quick they type/hunt for clip art.

For those that go a bit quicker, they love to play around with fonts and colors for their name!

If you want more lessons or a sample, feel free to ask!! :-)

I'm asking!!!  Could you share your scope and sequence for K-5?  Please?


Can send me some lessons and sample.  I am at loss.  This is very much appreciated!!



Please send to nschapel@willard.k12.mo.us and thank you SO much!

I would also like a copy...thanks! nsilva70@msn.com

Please add me to the list of people TOTALLY interested in what you have to share. I am at a school that just started a computer class this year, and I am absolutely at a loss as to what to be teaching.  I can't believe I was fortunate enough to find this forum - this is an answer to prayer!!!!!!!! elaine.martin@daviess.kyschools.us

YOU TOO!  My district decided to add a ONE semester Technology class (2 buildings each semester) and I was given the task to write and teach the K-5 curriculum which also includes Young 5's.  I can use all the help I can get!  I was estatic when I literally stumbled onto this website the other day!!!!  The Holy Grail of Technology!

Charmaine Henke crpmedia@hotmail.com  (Home email address).


Would you mind sending me your Scope & Sequence as well? missnewlin@yahoo.com




If possible, I would also like more MS Word lesson plans if you don't mind. My email is staceyn.Robinson@cms.k12.nc.us.

Thank you so much for being generous!!

I would also love to see your scope and sequence if you're willing to share.

Thanks so much.





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