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Any lesson plan ideas for Microsoft Publisher for grades 2-6?

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As per the NJ curriculum, 4th grade does an in depth study of NJ landmarks, symbols and history. As an extension of the classroom, they are creating their brochure in Publisher with me during computer class time. I did create a template for them to use that was specific to what we wanted from them, however there are plenty of templates in the program that you can use. If you want more info, let me know!

Another thing you can do is have them create a Help Wanted flyer. Again, there are a lot of templates. Or you can teach them how to create from scratch!

Hope this helps!
can you attach a copy of that template? Our 4th graders do a similar project for Tn and I would love to adapt your template for our use if that's ok with you.
Great idea! I'd love a copy of that template too!!

How do you use templates, it seems like I always have used my own ideas, self taught, and am not familiar with using templates, please send the information to me  if you can  mcbridds@hoopeston.k12.il.us   I am a teacher's aide in the lab and teaching grades 5 and 6.  Thanks.

There are great tutorials out there that can be very helpful for students. Our 6th graders watch tutorials before beginning their practice projects. It works better for them than trying to instruct the whole lab from the SmartBoard. You can find great tutorials on all Microsoft programs (as well as other common programs) at http://www.gcflearnfree.org/computers . I even learn a few things from these tutorials.

We don't have Publisher on every computer. I'm not sure why but because of that I don't use it with most classes. This year one of my classes created a newspaper using a newsletter template. Since we're coming up on Valentine's Day have some of your classes make Valentine's cards.
My sixth graders create a newspaper about themselves. They write the stories in class as part of the writing curriculum, then I teach them how to use Publisher. We even use Pixie 2 or Kid Pix to Create Comic Strips to include in their paper about themselves.
My 5th grade Technology students have made health brochures like you see in a doctor's office.

Depending on the class, students bring a text book or their science work folders for content to the lab. Provide a rubric or a checklist so that expectations are clear and there are some choices included. If you have time, it helps to guide the class in creating the rubric or check list while discussing project ideas.

If I used Publisher for young grades, I would have them create a class newsletter/brochure on a topic from their curriculum/standards.

While others are on a lesson on the lab computers, I work w/ small groups at the SMARTBoard to create a class document.
We use Publisher in 5th grade to write a newsletter about historical events that changed the development of the midwest. In 8th grade they use Publisher to create a newspaper about the Civil Rights Movement complete with news articles and editorials.
Sorry for the delay in the upload. Report card, snow days and illness always seem to get in the way! But here is the template I use. It is only a skeleton of what can be done. The students use this to get them started then they add pictures that I put in a special folder for them, they add their own research, then they format the text and borders. They are coming out quite nice so far. I will try to get a completed sample up when they all finish!

PS. The logos that are in the picture holders are our school logo and are obviously meant to be replaced! :-)

To begin and get familar with the idiosyncracies of Publisher, our 5th and 6th graders create their own Magazine cover. They add images and text to make them the star of their own magazine. They love it. Here are a couple of examples:  



I love this idea. Could you please explain how you have them do it? Do you have any instruction sheets, etc?





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