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Maurice Sendak, author of "Where The Wild Things Are", "In the Night Kitchen", and other great children's stories died yesterday.

As a big fan of his work and someone who wrote numerous papers on him in college, I thought I would remind everyone of the website, BuiLd YouR WiLD SeLF.  Although the site is not directly related to Sendak, the students always love it.  Many of my teachers use the images as a writing prompt after. 


If your school subscribes to United Streaming there is a video of Where The Wild Things Are" being read loud with the original images from the book.  It is in multiple languages.

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Great website, great author.  Thanks!

Thanks for a great idea and pairing of activities. I have used Build Your Wild Self with my students in the past and they love it. Let the wild rumpus begin!

I discovered this interview with him on PBS. Not really kidstuff, but you will enjoy it .

Does this website still work for you guys?  I had no problem last year, but then suddenly it kept redirecting my students to a naughty site, so I had to remove it from my personal website.  Can you perhaps verify and check?  Now all I see is a yellow screen when I go to the site.

I havent had it redirect me to a dirty site but whether I use my mac at home or the dell's at school the website starts to open with the yellow background page and that is far is it loads. I have not been able to get the page to load yet this year.

they took the site down. I am very disappointed. I wanted to use it again this year. 

It was down for me, too...but I just checked and it is back up!

YAY!! It is back up!! Awesome!

Thanks for letting us know. I love that site!

Apparently the email portion of the site is not working. I just had my 2nd grade class make their wild selves and I emailed them to a gmail account and nothing has shown up yet. It's been over an hour. It worked fine last year...sigh.... Also, the body part pictures are not always WYSIWYG. Just a heads up. 

One site that is similar in some ways is Switcheroo Zoo. Children can combine parts from other animals to create new animals. There is even an area where they can write about the animal. Unfortunately, there are no human parts so it's not quite the same as a tie-in with Where the Wild Things Are. The kids do really enjoy the site, however. I have mainly used it with second graders.




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