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So, my first day was wonderful.  Except Kindergarten.  Certified disaster.  But, I know when to ask for help. 


My colleagues suggested:



color sheet for the keyboard


We aren't on the computers this week until I get their AUP back.  So until then, I am going to try this.  But I can't seem to find a color sheet for the keyboard.  I was going to call out letters and have them find them and color it in.  Anyone have one I could use?  My Bing search came up empty... 

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With Kinder I have them color keyboards as well. I found a picture of a keyboard that was just an outline with the words and letters printed on the keys. I write their name at the top of the keyboard and then have them color in "their" keys. This gets them ready to practice typing their name into the computer. We pull it out every time I introduce a new key. I use my document camera and real keyboard while we are doing this. Hope this helps!!
I think I might be getting a document camera in my lab and I was wondering how I was going to use it. Showing keys sounds like a great idea!
Thank you both very much!
A little later in the year, after they have reviewed their letters, I like to give the K5 students a printed keyboard with some of the letters missing. I then ask the students to write the upper and lower case letters on the blank keys. I want them to associated each key with the upper and lower case letter even though only the uppercase is shown on the keyboard. I think I will leave a few numbers off next time also.

Not sure if you are using a Mac or PC keyboard by I searched for a Mac keyboard image in google and blanked out the letters using Photoshop.
I have some old mice and keyboards that I hang on to for the beginning of the year. I show the kids a few things like Enter and how to click withe the mouse and then let the kids try them out before they ever get to their computer.
You might want to take a look at these lessons on CyberSmart. Each lesson has a coloring sheet and it might give you some good ideas. This link is directly to K-1.
With kindergarten, I actually start with the mouse. I get a mouse toy and a computer mouse and we talk about how they are similar and how they are different. We talk about clicking, double-clicking and dragging the mouse. I have the children say "Quack, Quack" when they do a double-click. They are supposed to click as fast as they quack. You could talk about the computer hardware. We read Surf Sammy's New Computer by Christina Burkhart. It is out of print but I was able to get a copy a couple of years ago. Another thing I do with the kindergarten students, is have them take pictures with the Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera. Every student takes a picture and has their picture taken. The student photographers take two pictures and I take one and it is funny but many times the student photographers do a better job than I do. I then use the pictures to make up tags for the computers so that the children know where to sit. The tag has the student's photograph, their name and their computer number.
Another book that I like to use when we talk about classroom rules is Arthur's Computer Disaster (1st Grade Class). In the book Arthur wants to use his mom's computer w/o permission. The computer then "breaks". You can incorporate a lot of good lessons in this one book.

Kindergarten will get better long about the end of November anything i have i will share with you  I can still use activites for the kindergarten as well.




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