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Just found out that I am getting one in my lab.  I am the last classroom in the school to get one (besides music and PE).  What are the best resources, classes, etc that you have found that helped you get started using the board.
Thanks for all your help.  I get so many ideas here even though I don't contribute much.  I just borrow all your great ideas.

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What kind of board is it? SMART? Promethean?
It is a SMART board. I have been jealous all year as the other teachers were getting theirs. I was told that I wouldn't get one until next year and had felt with the economy that it would probably be longer. But as I was walking by the office yesterday, I saw two boards in boxes there. I asked our business manager and she said that one was mine! Yipeeee!!!! Our students probably know more how to use it than I do since they are using them already in their regular classrooms.
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Whatever type of board you get, the manufacturers website should have short video tutorials. I would also seek out groups like the two described below. I'm a member of The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution Ning as well and have found great ideas and resources as a member of that site. Did you receive any in person professional development with your board? Don't feel you have to learn all of the ins and outs of the software right away. You don't have to create your own lessons for everything you teach--there isn't time! Start by finding lessons others have made in your software or other outside interactive websites like what we have on StarrMatica. That will get you started using the board so you can get comfortable with the hardware first. Congratulations, your students are going to love it!
I just found out about the Interactive Whiteboard Revolution yesterday before I found out I was getting the board. I had tagged it, so I'm going back to check it out:) Did you read the book, and if you did, did you find it helpful?
Interactive Whiteboard Revolution book? Or something else?

I'm really surprised you were the last to get a board. I would have thought you would be first as tech teachers, so you can show the kids and other teachers how to use it. Either way... glad you have it now! :)
I had told them originally two years ago when we started the process, that I had 27 computers and an overhead so I would make do with what I had until we got the funds to get me one. There were several enthusiastic teachers at the time that really wanted them in their room and I knew they would be a great catalyst for the school. Soon all the teachers wanted one and I just waited. I'm excited to see what some of the teachers are doing and anxious to get my feet wet!
Hi Susie,

I did read the IWB Revolution book. It was an interesting read for me because I work with schools on using IWBs in the classroom. A lot of the information and suggestions I was already aware of, but I really enjoyed hearing the author's perspective. My favorite part was reading about some of the applications that work well with the board and browsing the case studies of specific lessons individual teachers had taught using the board. I think that portion would be particularly helpful for you.
I just responded to your comment on my blog post about my thoughts as I've been reading the Interactive Whiteboard Revolution book.

I agree with Emily that the board manufacturers usually have some nice tutorials. I also agree with her sentiment that you shouldn't get hung up trying to learn it all at once. Keep coming back here to ask questions, too. We can all learn more together!
Congrats! Please check my site for resources once you are up and running. www.smartboardgoodies.com




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