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My first grade team is doing a unit on holidays around the world. The ones they mentioned were:

  • Chinese NY
  • Greek/Persian New year
  • birthdays around the world
  • Easter in Ethiopia/Russia
  • tooth traditions
  • Harvest festival--Homowa Ghana
  • Weddings in Mexico and India

Anyone have any tie-ins for these holidays? Short of that, I'd settle for international holidays in general. Thanks so much for your assistance!

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My, what an ambitious project for first grade! Here's a list of many ways to say Happy Birthday, complete with pronunciations and another site about birthdays around the world

It is ambitious and not something I was prepared for. I'm floundering a bit. Thanks for the links. They're a great start!

You might find some information you could use at http://holidays.pppst.com/index.html

As far as tie-ing this in to the computer lab, can you have them do computer artwork to go along with some of these.

For tooth traditions, you could join the Tooth Tally project but that's ongoing from February - April http://toothtally.com/ or you could do things on Dental Hygiene.

My two favorite "tooth tradition" storybooks are "I Lost My Tooth in Africa" and "The American Wei." "The American Wei" is about a boy losing his tooth right before his family's naturalization ceremony. You might be able to use one or both of those storybooks to use in your lesson.

This site has some interesting tooth traditions but would probably have to be read by the teacher.

Kaboose has some age appropriate crafts for Chinese New Year in addition to some info. It does say, however that it is the year of the rabbit and I have seen dragon in two locations.

Thanks, guys--you've given me some great ideas!




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