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Help!!!! The summer is flying by. I just realized I need to make my room look beautiful. Bulletin boards in my school seem to be more important than teaching. The problem with that is I have such a hard time figuring out what to do.  Any great ideas for a back to school bulletin board, and also a working bulletin board that can be left up for afew months. All ideas would be greatly appreciated. I teach elementary school grades K - 5.

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Here's an easy one:
Michelle.....that works for me.....thanks so much......colorful and easy to create......if you think or have any others, I'm here...have a great schoolyear
This year I decided to put keyboard shortcuts (ex: ctrl+x = cut) up on a bulletin board. How I made it cute was by putting the shortcuts on white circles and spreading the circles all around the words "Spot the Keyboard Shortcuts". I also put blank circles too. It ended up looking really cute. I will take a picture next time I'm in my lab.

I plan on stealing an idea I got from this site...."Technology Skills Under Construction". The beauty of stealing this one is that the Dollar Tree where I live has a bunch of classroom teacher decorations with the construction theme. The bulletin board borders say "Learning Zone".

Hope this helps!
Kristy.......thanks so much......I love both of the boards you mentioned.......if you can take a picture of it and send it to me, I would appreciate it......also, do you have a pic of the Technology Skills under Construction board......for some reason, I need pics to help me create them......thanks again so much....have a great schoolyear.
Barri, Go browsing through the Photos section on this site and you will find lots of ideas!
Hi Kristy...please remember to take a picture of the Spot the Keyboard Shortcuts board. I would love to see it. Thanks so much.
I'd love to see your BB as well. I did put up a word wall under the title of Web 2.0 along w/ posters in the lab. (I'm actually getting in there this year!) Just cleaning it up a bit makes a difference.
I've done a Technology Word Wall and put pictures up next to words or printed words like delete or tab so they looked like the key. Not huge on the cute factor but practical for the lab.
Our k1 principal decided to do a western theme this year so I took white butcher paper and enlarged the webville outlaws to about 4 feet high. I let my seven year old son help me color them in with crayons. I hung them on my windows and put up the outlaws crime. Then we did Sherrif Clicky and posted a sign saying he would be there to help keep students safe on the internet! The kids loved seeing them in lifesize form. I will be able to keep them up for a few weeks since I start the year with internet safety!
Oh cool. I totally forgot about them! Great idea for our younger students.
Where did you find your graphics for the webville outlaws?  I've also been looking for the WizzyWigs too.
Oops. I'm always a bit behind. Somehow I opened from another page and missed out on the slide show. You've shared some great ideas! Thanks.




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