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I met with Ruth Glenboski last week to discuss ideas, etc. (it was great!), and while we were chatting I caught a glimpse of her Rules and Procedures PowerPoint. This prompted me to get busy doing mine! Because I started in the middle of the year last year, I didn't feel right changing everything they had been doing that year.

I assume we all will probably be starting out with Rules and Procedures in the lab this year, so I thought I'd start a discussion about it. Maybe we can learn something from seeing each other's rs and ps. Please share anything different you have. I may be forgetting something important. :)

I have attached my PowerPoint presentation. Please feel free to use it and revise it as you wish. I haven't added any slide transitions or animation schemes, though. Hope this helps!

Come in quietly
Sit quietly on the carpet in the order you arrive in
Move to your assigned computer when you are told to do so

Be Nice to Computers
Always have clean hands
No food or drinks in the lab
Don’t touch the screens
Be gentle with mice & headphones
Print with permission ONLY
Click PRINT once
Leave your area neat, clean, and organized

Be Nice to Others
Help others with your mouth not mouse
Keep your hands on your computer only
Open only your work

Internet Rules
Stay on approved websites
No email
No chatting
Never give out personal information

Dismissal Procedures
When you hear the bell, Give Me 5!
Save Work/Exit programs
Hang headphones up
Straighten keyboard/mouse
Gather materials/trash
Push in chair and stand behind it until dismissed

Lining Up Procedures
When instructed:
Turn to the left
Walk slowly to the door staying behind whoever is in front of you
Wait for your teacher to arrive or permission from me before exiting

Here it is as a Slideshare:

Note: I have revised the Slideshare ppt above to reflect my theme, but the file attached has no theme.

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I like how yours are organized and I really like your use of real pictures of your lab. I think that helps to make it real for your students. The food in the lab graphic is funny. I like the help with your mouth and not mouse. I had something that basically said this but in a much wordier way so I've borrowed this if it's okay.

I'm calling my rules the Rules of the Road this year and did them in an acrostic manner. I go back and forth between including detail for each major rule and not including it on my rules page.

I have been working on a powerpoint too but haven't gotten that done. I think I want to include pictures of the actual lab in mine also - great idea - but the lab is a mess right now because there's a summer camp program at school this week and the director of the camp uses the computer lab as his office. I had thought about grabbing a few kids and staging what to do and what not to do scenarios for my powerpoint.

I'm also going to do a quiz or game of sometime for rules review with all grades. I want some fun and different ways of reviewing these this year to help make them remember the rules better. I may have the older grades do the what to do and what not to do scenarios once school starts and have them create a presentation for the lower grades.
Oh, I like the idea of doing a quiz game. That would be great to do on the SMARTboard. Speaking of, I didn't add ANY rules for the SMARTboard. I need to revise already :) The pictures I used were from the lab last year. It will probably look a lot different once I get my theme decorations up. Oh, and do you mind if I use your "Rules of the Road" since my theme is construction? (I plan on having a road going around my classroom!) I also like your "Lights Out" instead of the bell. That way if they have the headphones on they will still know it's time to go.

Thanks for the great ideas.
Feel free to use whatever you want.
Love all the inspiring ideas! I am looking for themes to decorate my computer lab this year. Last year our school subscribed to http://www.studyisland.com/ so I had an island theme. Looking for something fun and techy for k-3. Any thoughts?
My district is thinking about subscribing to study island - how do you like it?
We've had it for a few years... I think it is an incredible resource.... but only if the classroom teachers use it and use it well. We don't have time to use it during tech class, so they have to be in charge of using it with their students.
I love the saying help others with your mouth not your mouse. I'm always telling them to get their hands off of other people's mice, although I'm all for them helping each other out. I also like the idea of a slide show. Maybe I'll work on that as well.
I'm attaching a document I had made into a poster for my lab.
I always love the great ideas I get from this site.

I need to redo mine from last year, but haven't gotten there yet. I made lots of notes at the end of the year about what I wanted to change.

I like the rules that everyone has. I'm going to incorporate some of those into mine. I've working on bulletin boards, my wiki and lesson plans. The beginning of school is going to come too quick.
I think it has. It keeps them busy for the most part when I can't be right there. They have three colored cups on their tower that are most always on green. This year, the towers are going on the floor, so I'm using an idea I've seen here. (I can't remember who had it--it was the name on one side of the monitor and the CD on the other) I'm making red, yellow and green circle and putting them in a basket next to the computer. I will put one of the sticky poster holders on the side of the monitor and they can put the different colors up there. The only time I have regretted the stop sign is with one of my 7th graders who thought everything was an emergency and would hold up the red cup and make siren sounds! But she had other issues as well!
We were so busy talking and sharing ideas that I didn't finish showing you my slideshow. I'm attaching it here.
I like your presentation and you reminded me that I need to add something about not giving out passwords. Since we're going to use a wiki this year I want to really stress that one so that I know who is doing what.
This post makes me realize how close I really am getting to the beginning of the new school year. I just took a trip down memory lane through the last several years of welcome slides. When I update it, I'll come back and post it here. I really enjoyed looking at everyone's slides. I'm glad you asked the question.




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